Hi John again,

window_glass_tintingIt’s a question I asked Martin Schaller of Tintmaster in St Albans…

“Haha, lots and lots of reasons”, he is genuinely laughing, “I have to say I have had some weird and wonderful reasons why people have asked me to tint their windows, but generally, there are sound reasons. Privacy, to keep a room or office cooler, for safety reasons, and of course, on your “boy racer” car top look good”!

So, what is the most popular tinting you do?

Popular Tinting

“Cars, without question”, he replies, “personally, I think it looks really good on a car. The thing is, what we do is a lot cheaper than having tinted glass from the manufacturer. So, we get a lot of people with new cars would rather come along here and have film appended, because you can’t tell the difference, than pay thousands to the car dealer for tinted glass”.

I can understand economics, but why do you think car owners like to have tinted windows?

Privacy Offered

“Well, as I said, is does look good, and some people like the in-car privacy it offers. I’m not sure why people want that privacy, but it does offer a fair degree, certainly people can’t see any detaillg from outside. Wo also find we do a lot of executive cras and chauffering companies – I think when they are ferrying around VIPs and high profile people, they like the privacy tinting offers”.

“And, of course, there are a whole range of different coloured shading we can add…well you have to pander to the desires of customers don’t you”?

“But, it’s the same with home and office. In some circumstances people want privacy. We did some external window tinting for a company working on some sensitive stuff, they didn’t want people to be able to see what they were doing inside”.

I can understand that, what other instances for, say offices?

Solar Benefits

“Well, certainly we’ve had situations where solar film has been added. When an office is in direct sunlight, it can get extremely hot. If you add reflective film or tinting a lot of that heat energy is reflected as opposed to ebing absorbed. In this instance, you can see huge savings as you don’t need to use so much air con time. Air conditioning is expensive to run for a large office. There is also film that allows sunlight to be reflected or absorbed depending on what you want”.

Safety Film

So, you do safety film as well?

Yes, to Regulation 14 standards (an EU standard from health and safety at work directive), this can be vital in the workspace. Imagine glass that breaks easily in a manual work environment. It can be extremely hazordous. So, our safety film upgrades the glass to to a high safety standard that means it is very difficult to break, but also that it doesn’t splinter in to shards when it does. Again, it is far cheaper to have us add film that to replace ordinary office, or workplace windows with toughened safety glass. Our safety film is just as effective and to the same standard.

So, no matter what sort of window tinting you want…car window tints, home window tinting or safety film for your office or workplease, give Martin a call of visit his website at www.tintmaster.co.uk – you’ll be glad you did, it’s a more cost effective solution as opposed to actual tinted glass in every situation.











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Hi John here,

Today I am going to look at a relatively new business in the U.K domestic energy market and how they have stolen market share from some of the big boys.

HFB-SquareI am talking to Lee Brooker the Digital Marketing Manager at market disruptor Hassle Free Boilers. I’ll be asking him why he thinks HFB have made such a dent in the business of the likes of N Power, British Gas and E’On.

The Main Thing

“I think the big overriding reason is these companies had become big inpersonal companies that were difficult to deal with and had become aloof in dealing with their customers. I think people found them difficult to deal with, slow and cumbersome and the market was ripe for someone to come in with a model that really catered to what the customer wanted, indeed needed”. He smiles a very contented looking smile if I may say so.

But surely it’s not that easy Lee?

“I didn’t say it’s easy”, he laughs, “oh no, it’s far from easy, but that I think is the main reason people came to Hassle Free in their droves. Firstly, we offer outrageous customer service, but even before that begins we do everything very simply online. So, when the customer comes to our website, there is a very simple questionnaire to fill out about their home and current energy situation. Once they have completed the questionnaire, they are recommended a boiler that we think will suit their needs. Its the employment of smart technology to make things easier.

Customer Service

That result is then sent down to our sales team and they arrange a convenient time to contact the customer. Once we are on contact, we then cover all bases and answer all questions to ensure the new customer is happy. Once both sides are in agreement, we then send out a simple agreement for the customer to sign and installation of their new boiler takes place within two weeks.

The other players in the market are bogged down with ancient systems and poor processes and can’t compete”.

So, what is in it for the customer and what are the benefits?

Savings On Energy

“Well, for a start a new boiler, which saves them money on their heating bills. Did you know that installing a new energy efficioent, eco-friendly boiler can save the average home over £500 (from Which) on their heating bills every year. That is a lot of money!”

It certainly is, but surely there is more than that?

“Of course, absolutely”, he replies, “the customer doesn’t have to pay anything up front. We took a business model that is used in Canada and imported it in to the U.K. The deal is structured so that the price of the boiler is wrapped up into the ongoing maintenance contract and paid for over the natural life of the boiler. It’s a fantastic way of buying a boiler, it’s like getting a free boiler in essence”.

But you do pay for it, just over the life aof the agreement?

Helping Customers Buy A New Boiler

“Yes indeed you do, but for homes that might find a £5,000 outlay difficult, this takes the pain way and serves to save money on those horrible winter gas bills”.

So, what boilers do HFB supply

“Nothing but the best”, he shoots that smile again, “we’ve teamed up with the three most advanced boiler makers in Vaillant, Ideal and Worcester Bosch and only supply their latest and most advanced, and environmentally sound models. So, if, for example, you wanted a new super efficient Vaillant Combi Boiler to heat the family home, then you can choose from anywhere up to 38kw, which will power a big family home with oudles of hot water and keep you very warm to boot”.

I have to say, it is a great business model and it is really good to find a company that heas the consumer at heart in this break-neck and incompassionate world in which we love. Personally, I think this is where Hassle Free are winning so big, because they really do look after the people who buy from them. And, long may it continue.

If you’d like to get a new combi boiler or benefit from a new boiler installation then click either of these links.

Back soon, thanks for reading


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Business_peopleQuick Overview:

  1. The definition of a case study
  2. Case studies: An integral part of content marketing

Content marketing plays a chief part in building your business’s reputation and helping to attract traffic to your website (thus generating possible business leads). Writing a case study is more of an art rather than a science. Some people are good at it, while others are completely clueless on what goes behind an effective case study. However, if you can master the art or even hire someone to write one or several for you, you’re well on your way to attracting extra business over the long term.  Especially considering that a case study is used to demonstrate how your product/services are beneficial and even effective for your customers. If you have proof behind your claims, you can expect leads to practically beg you to take their money.

  1. The definition of a case study

Case studies are nothing more than success stories or reports. They typically discuss problems that a client or targeted market might have (acne sufferers, for example), and how their product or service helps the customer cope or eradicate the problem. These case studies may be used in place of or in addition to testimonials.

Some case studies are treated as mere experiments. Internet marketers may create a case study to publicly document everything they’re learning about a particular topic such as SEO or Social media.

The original purpose of the case study is to share crucial data or the results of a particular situation so people can learn from other peoples’ failures or successes.

  1. Case Studies: An integral part of content marketing

If you’re curious as to how having a well written case study for your business may attract additional leads, take a look at the following short list of benefits that will impact your business.

  1. Case studies may be used to showcase your expertise in a particular subject or industry. They act as “living” testimonials for what your brand or business can accomplish.
  2. They may be used to demonstrate to your ideal client what you’re capable of. Saying you’re the master at so and so is completely different from being able to say you’re an expert at SEO (for example) and being able to back up your claims.
  3. A case study may prove beneficial in helping provide missing clues to other internet marketers who are experiencing similar problems.
  4. General testimonials rarely mean anything anymore. However, a case study acts as a subtle but powerful endorsement of your company. A page-full of testimonials may be meaningless, but a portfolio of case studies (successful ones that is) may go a long ways to achieving additional business leads.

Business_People (1)After finishing reading the above list, you may be thinking “That’s all well and great, but just how much these things cost me?” The beauty of case studies is, not only are they powerful, they’re also inexpensive to create. If you’re a talented writer you can make one yourself. If writing was your least favorite subject in school, there’s still the possibility of outsourcing it

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