Hi John again,

window_glass_tintingIt’s a question I asked Martin Schaller of Tintmaster in St Albans…

“Haha, lots and lots of reasons”, he is genuinely laughing, “I have to say I have had some weird and wonderful reasons why people have asked me to tint their windows, but generally, there are sound reasons. Privacy, to keep a room or office cooler, for safety reasons, and of course, on your “boy racer” car top look good”!

So, what is the most popular tinting you do?

Popular Tinting

“Cars, without question”, he replies, “personally, I think it looks really good on a car. The thing is, what we do is a lot cheaper than having tinted glass from the manufacturer. So, we get a lot of people with new cars would rather come along here and have film appended, because you can’t tell the difference, than pay thousands to the car dealer for tinted glass”.

I can understand economics, but why do you think car owners like to have tinted windows?

Privacy Offered

“Well, as I said, is does look good, and some people like the in-car privacy it offers. I’m not sure why people want that privacy, but it does offer a fair degree, certainly people can’t see any detaillg from outside. Wo also find we do a lot of executive cras and chauffering companies – I think when they are ferrying around VIPs and high profile people, they like the privacy tinting offers”.

“And, of course, there are a whole range of different coloured shading we can add…well you have to pander to the desires of customers don’t you”?

“But, it’s the same with home and office. In some circumstances people want privacy. We did some external window tinting for a company working on some sensitive stuff, they didn’t want people to be able to see what they were doing inside”.

I can understand that, what other instances for, say offices?

Solar Benefits

“Well, certainly we’ve had situations where solar film has been added. When an office is in direct sunlight, it can get extremely hot. If you add reflective film or tinting a lot of that heat energy is reflected as opposed to ebing absorbed. In this instance, you can see huge savings as you don’t need to use so much air con time. Air conditioning is expensive to run for a large office. There is also film that allows sunlight to be reflected or absorbed depending on what you want”.

Safety Film

So, you do safety film as well?

Yes, to Regulation 14 standards (an EU standard from health and safety at work directive), this can be vital in the workspace. Imagine glass that breaks easily in a manual work environment. It can be extremely hazordous. So, our safety film upgrades the glass to to a high safety standard that means it is very difficult to break, but also that it doesn’t splinter in to shards when it does. Again, it is far cheaper to have us add film that to replace ordinary office, or workplace windows with toughened safety glass. Our safety film is just as effective and to the same standard.

So, no matter what sort of window tinting you want…car window tints, home window tinting or safety film for your office or workplease, give Martin a call of visit his website at www.tintmaster.co.uk – you’ll be glad you did, it’s a more cost effective solution as opposed to actual tinted glass in every situation.